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"Awesome job. Had our car detailed and it came out perfect. Spotless inside and out. Will definitely use this service again."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Chris Michels

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Maintaining a boat is not just about keeping it clean, it's about preserving a special part of one's life and the memories that have been made. By taking care of the boat, its lifespan can be extended, and future adventures can be ensured. The thought of the boat being in top condition, ready for the next water adventure, should bring a smile to one's face and a warmth to the heart. A boat is not just a vessel, it's a gateway to new horizons.

Welcome to Frosted Car Services™ - your premier mobile detailing solution for all your boating needs. We are a professional and reliable company dedicated to providing high-quality detailing services that ensure your boat is always in top-notch condition. With our mobile detailing services, we bring our expertise right to you, saving you time and hassle. At Frosted Car Services™, we are passionate about our services and committed to providing you with the best possible mobile detailing experience.



Reasons why Frosted Car Services™ will change your life!

✅ Relax and enjoy: Let Frosted Car Services take care of the details, so the focus can be on relaxation and enjoyment.

✅ Prevent costly repairs: Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs, so the boat can be enjoyed for years to come.



✅ Stand out from the crowd: A sparkling clean boat can make an impression and help create lasting memories.

✅ Maintain the appearance of the boat: Regular washing and waxing can help keep the boat looking new for years to come.



It can be overwhelming to keep up with the maintenance, especially when you just want to relax, have peace of mind and enjoy your time on the water. That's why we're here to help with our professional boat services. Let us take care of the hard work so that you can focus on what you do best - exploring the open waters and making unforgettable memories with loved ones.

Imagine having a sparkling clean boat, ready for the next adventure. The boat services will enhance the enjoyment from the vessel even more, as it will be spotless and looking its best. With a clean boat, it's easy to make a good impression on friends and family, or anyone else contact is made on your boating adventures. At Frosted Car Services™, we understand the importance of maintaining your boat and preserving the memories that come with it. Schedule an appointment and experience the difference that Frosted Car Services™ can make in your life!


Services Include:

Boat Mini Detail Package:
-Spot free deionized water contactless wash rinse
-Heavy Soap foam cannon
-Microfiber hand wash mitt
-Spot free deionized water rinse off soap clean
-Bimini top wash
-Vacuum debris and pick up trash
-Wipe down
-Clean hatches
-Clean gutter tracks & non skid
-Clean vinyl & coat with UV protectant dressing
-Glass cleaner

Boat Jescar Sealant:
-Long-Lasting Polymer Sealant
-Apply sealant and buff revealing protectant coat and high gloss finish
-Protects from environmental factors and UV rays


We take pride in our quality of work, professionalism, and ease of doing business with our customers.